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Patients under 12


Children have a whole list of issues that come up in thier early years.  With children under 4 years old acupuncture is only used in special cases.  Herbal medicine, soft tissue body work, and working with diet tend to be the most effective way to deal with a large list of childhood problems.  Children up to 12 still do not recieve much acupuncture, and when they do the needles are quickly inserted, stimulated and removed immediatly.  Much of what we do at this stage is about empowering the child and the parents with information and resources they can use to achieve and maintain the health and wellness of  the childs unique presentation.


Here is a list of some of the common issues we can help with:

Tongue ties/oral restrictions

Chronic colds

Feeding difficulties (nursing)

Colic (abdominal pain, upset)

Sleep issues

Bed wetting

Skin problems (rashes, eczema)

Allergies (food  and environmental)

Nasal congestion

Hyperactivity / ADHD

Developmental deficiencies 



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