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Treatment Schedule Recommendations 

These treatment guidelines are here to give you an idea of the frequency that will be best for optimal effectiveness.  We understand and are flexible with your schedule and unique situation.  These guidelines may be modified depending on your presentation and needs.  These recommendations are based on our experience and research to help ease the transition through this life changing experience. Regular treatment during pregnancy helps to ensure happy, healthy individuals give birth to healthy babies more efficiently. Postpartum recovery is often quicker and easier with regular treatment both during pregnancy and in the postpartum period.

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IInfertility, Pregnancy Preparation, Menstrual Regulationme.

Regulating The menstrual cycle, helping to reduce cysts, balancing hormone levels, and reducing stress can increase your chances of getting pregnant whether you are using IVF, or natural conception.


We recommend 8 -10  treatments over the course of three months before attempting IVF or natural conception.  This time helps us to prepare your body for the transition into pregnancy.  If you are already scheduled or proceeding with IVF we can still help increase your chances for success with however much time before the procedure.


Third Trimester/

Labor Preparation


First & Second Trimesters

During the first & second trimesters we focus on maintaining the pregnancy and reducing common symptoms such as nausea, pain, threatened miscarriage, fatigue, reduced appetite, hypertension, gestational diabetes, acid reflux, constipation, vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, poor sleep, and anxiety.


Treatment recommendations during this period are given on a case by case basis.





During this time we will focus on preparing yours and your babies body for labor and delivery, as well as help with other common symptoms that arise as your baby continues to grow such as hemorrhoids, difficulty breathing, pain, and swelling.  This is also the time we will work to have your baby in an optimal head down occipital anterior or OA position. We can assist with correcting nonvertex presentations (breech) babies.  


We recommend 8 treatments starting at week 32.

Week 32, 34

Week 36, 37, 38

Week 39, 39, 40

During this time our focus is on your recovery. Whether from a vaginal or cesarean birth we can help get you recover.  Some of the common symptoms we can help with are pain, lactation issues, mastitis, fatigue, postpartum depression (baby blues), hemorrhoids, constipation, and frequent colds.


Treatment recommendations during this period are given on a case by case basis. I do recommend scheduling at least one sometime in the first 6 weeks after birth to aid with recovery.

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